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Apartment Asahi Tower mid-range price

Asahi Tower is designed and  managed by International Investment and Construction Consulting Company (International Construction and Investment Consulting). The whole project is designed with a modern style, airy, harmony with nature, bringing the quality of life of the residents here to a new level.

asahi tower

Scale of Asahi Tower apartment project

  • Total planning land area: 19,318.40 m2.
  • Construction land area: 7,765,00 m2.
  • Area of ​​green trees and traffic: 11,553.40 m2.
  • Total construction floor area: 112,298.73 m2.
  • Apartment building area: 91,743.70 m2.
  • Area of ​​construction of trade – service part; 9,067.97 m2.
  • Building floor area of ​​the basement: 11,487.06 m2.
  • Floors (excluding basements):
  • 01 block of 20 floors in 1 department has 4 floors for trade and services.
  • 2 blocks of 14 floors.
  • Total number of apartments: 736 units
  • Population size (average of 4 people / apartment): 2,944 people.

Total investment: 927 billion dong.

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