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Commitment to the labor supply service

In addition, we also provide labor, meet for many different industries. When the company or business you are short of human resources, please contact us immediately. We hire labor in large numbers in Ho Chi Minh City.

Commitment to the labor supply service that Dai Nam loading and unloading gives customers

Loading and unloading Dai Nam  is one of the oldest and most prestigious labor supply units in Ho Chi Minh City . When you come to us absolutely can be assured of what we bring.

Ensuring the labor that we bring to you with good working skills. Work fast and meet the criteria that you set. You can trust us because:

– Strict selection process through many different tests.

– Labor has a complete profile, specific details.

– Having a clear labor leasing contract.

– Can change those who do not work well or not enthusiastic at work.

– At the end of the contract, you can hire or cut back labor.

Our company will ensure you do not suffer any labor violations. All problems will be solved quickly by us. Customers come to us completely assured. Prestige and quality are what we bring.

Quotation of labor supply services in Ho Chi Minh City

Loading and unloading Dai Nam is the most prestigious, professional and reliable labor supply unit. You absolutely do not have to worry about the cost. We will give you a price list providing all the fields, the most detailed industry. This is a quotation that we have surveyed with other units, so you are assured of the cheapest.

Not only will we provide labor, we will also provide you with price lists of other services the company is currently offering. For more details about the price list, you can contact us directly at Hotline: 0938 955 329  for more information.

Cung ung lao dong  force to meet the labor force, supplementing the missing labor force for enterprises and companies. The service responds to all requests, quickly resolving all problems that you are experiencing.

Loading and unloading Dai Nam is suitable for hiring unskilled and low-cost casual labor. We will ensure to bring you the quality labor, good work, meet all the requirements that you give.

What is labor supply service?

Currently the labor demand is increasing. The fact that factories, factories, industries are always in shortage of labor. Leading to work delays, delayed delivery to partners. For that reason, the service of labor supply and hire was born. With this service businesses will avoid shortage of manpower.

Labor supply helps businesses supplement the labor shortage in the stages. Helping the system proceed in a stable manner. With this service businesses do not need to waste effort and time to select and train. Depending on the requirements, the service side will choose the people best suited to the job.

The reasons to choose a labor hire service at the present time

The first reason:

Hiring services is the most optimal solution to fill labor gaps in production stages and working positions. The labor leasing side will ensure the quality of labor resources. Complete the job well and ensure all requirements of the customer.

The second reason:

Save time. You will not have to spend time recruiting, training, as well as effort to guide the work as before. All such work will be done by the supplier for you. Ensure employees know all working skills before coming to your company to work.

The third reason:

Cost savings. When choosing the service, you will almost have to reduce the cost of recruiting and training time. After completing the order or job is required, you can reduce the labor without being affected by the law. Saving a lot of expenses paid for labor.

Those are some of the reasons why companies should choose labor supply services right now. Dai Nam’s unloading of temporary labor services will ensure the best human resources. The most affordable cost, contact us immediately if your company needs it. Hotline:  0938 955 329

Which unit of the labor hire service is the best and most reputable?

Dai Nam loading and unloading  is the unit established and operated for more than 15 years. We provide various services such as Loading and unloading, transporting goods, moving chuyen kho xuong , moving houses, labor …

We provide unskilled labor to many companies, factories, large industrial parks. All the companies we hire now do not have any complaints about our service.

Our labor force is carefully selected, checked records, through many different tests. Eligible to meet all requirements of companies. Therefore, you can feel secure when choosing services at our company.

Loading and unloading Dai Nam provides labor leasing services Loading and unloading of goods in Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Long An, Tay Ninh with cheap prices and prestige

The demand for unloading labor is increasing day by day, especially for large enterprises and companies. Dai Nam Loading and Unloading  opens a labor supply service specializing in Ho Chi Minh City to handle various types of goods. Abundant labor resources are carefully selected. Good health and can work for a long time.

When you choose the unloading service on site we will be sure the intact goods are not scratched or damaged. Loading and unloading quickly, neatly.

Our company unloading the following items:

– Boc xep , packing, unloading for trucks and containers of all kinds.

– Hiring Loading workers by day or time.

– Receive unloading top and down cargo by month or order.

– Hire technical workers to dismantle, assemble and direct the technique.

– Loading and unloading services of agricultural and marine products.

– Loading and unloading services warehouse, factory.

– Loading and unloading of supermarket goods and technological equipment.

– Loading and unloading services of construction materials and equipment.

– Loading and unloading service, luggage for tourists at the airport and the port.

The benefits received when choosing labor service services of Dai Nam loading

– Quickly connect with labor resources, find out qualified labor.

– Effective support for businesses in interviews, skills test.

– Respond to the number of employees promptly and flexibly change.

– Manage labor and daily work schedule

– Help businesses save costs and time

– Helping businesses focus completely on core services

– Reduce risks and reduce obligations of the business

Loading and unloading Dai Nam is the company that provides the most prestigious and quality services at the most affordable cost

Loading and unloading Dai Nam with the motto “Tan Tam – Prestige – Honesty – Quality”. We always try to bring the best service and make the customer feel most satisfied.

Not only has the quality of service, we always offer the most reasonable and most economical prices for our customers. So you complete peace of mind when choosing our unit.

The information you need to know about the company hire labor unloading Dai Nam

Dai Nam Stevedoring Company is a professional service provider with over 15 years of experience in providing Human Resource Solution services today.

The labor supply service provided by Dai Nam Handling is currently being cooperated by many large enterprises and companies. We have a large labor force, able to meet all the requirements that you make. We accept short-term labor, long-term labor, labor for industrial zones in all different industries. If you have any request, please contact us immediately for the best response.

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