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Construction steel: important construction materials in all fields of construction

Thép hình is often used in construction – engineering – bridges and industries, radio towers, lifting and transporting machinery, container frames, cargo storage racks, bridges, transmission towers, lifting and transporting machines, industrial boilers, building workshops, prefabricated house structures, lifting and transporting machines, piling the workshop hot ground.

thép hình u xây dựng, thep hinh u xay dung

Why do we need so many different shapes?

After going through the above list, one might wonder why we need to cast steel sections into different shapes, instead using solid shapes (rectangles, squares, circles). or other polygons)?

To know the reason, we need to understand a little about the load applications (weight, support), the phenomenon of the structure affected by the steel bar, the parameters that control the structural capacity of the steel frame.

The most common load applications encountered in construction include one or more of the following: Point load, Concentrated load, Point load, Uniform distribution load, Critical bending moment, Rotation.

Depending on the type and method of load application, a steel bar is subjected to one or a combination of structural phenomena, such as: Compression, Pressure, Flexible Shearing, Twisting.

To assess a steel bar against the aforementioned phenomena, several parameters (including but not limited to) indicate the level of resistance provided such as:

  • Cross-sectional area
  • Total depth
  • Thickness of cross bars, Flanges and Pins
  • Moment of inertia and / or module
  • Helix constants

Cung cấp bảng báo giá thép hình mới nhất 2020

Here we go through 6 types of basic steel including: V-shaped steel, H-shaped steel, L-shaped steel, I-shaped steel, U-shaped steel, C-shaped steel

bang bao gia thep hinh V, bảng báo giá thép hình V
bảng báo giá thép hình u,i,h; bang bao gia thep hinh u,i,h

We analyze each type of part based on the structural design criteria, usability, details of each Advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Based on the various load combinations applied, the structure subjected and the required resistance parameters, the solid parts are molded and configured for different shape configurations. Casting a solid part into a shape profile helps achieve a high material / power ratio. Therefore, conserve steel consumption (mass and weight).

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Working process of Manh Ha Steel Company:

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– Schedule and dispatch staff to advise customers.

– Negotiate on a price and work plan.

– Make a contract when both parties have agreed to work.

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