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Instructions on how to teach dogs to go to the toilet

This is an exercise that needs to be practiced first and it is better to practice it from an early age. Because you don’t always have time to clear the battlefields they leave behind. And the following are things to keep in mind when practicing your dog’s proper defecation habit.

– Dog’s expression when using the toilet

Usually before going to the toilet the dog often has many specific signs that you need to pay attention such as running around, squatting, groaning, smelling on the floor ….

– Habits when using the toilet

When you detect these symptoms you should take your dog to places to go to the toilet such as toilet, tray … So we are showing them this is a place for them to go to the toilet

– Make a schedule for meals

You need to schedule meals appropriately because after eating for about 30 minutes, they will start to want to go out. This is quite important for you to note and distribute the meals accordingly.

– Up training time of the day

You have to plan for each day day by day, at which habits become established and they will defecate themselves in the right place.

Note: A cage or kennel needs to be prepared so that the dog can identify where they will be and gradually build a habit right there.

Reward your dog for going to the toilet in the right place, especially not to scold them but to show them that it’s not a toilet.

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